MB Butterfree

Raceheart's MB Butterfree


Call name: Bellamy
Sex: Female
Born: 2016-07-12
Sire: Damien Rice Cinpress
Dam: Axrace's Wake Up Call
Reg. number: SE46014/2016
Colour: Black with white markings
Height: 51,8 cm
Weight: 13,8 kg
Breeder: Mike Berglund, Raceheart's
Origin: Sweden


DNA-profile: MyDogDNA 2019
Myostatin deficiency: N/N (clear)
Heart: Clear (2020/05)
Eyes: Clear (2020/05)
Back: LTV1, SP0, VA0
Hips: Grade B/B
Teeth: Scissors bite, full dentition

Bellamy, Bellamy, Bellamy. There’s so much to say about this lovely dog. First of all, she is my dream dog. I got her on a whim but it was love from the beginning. She is my first racing whippet and what a talent she turned out to be, after a very rocky start when she didn’t run clean on the track and it turned out she had a small muscle injury that would still hurt a lot when performing such a high-intensity activity as racing. But I didn’t even found out about the injury until after she was very badly hurt in a fight with Lucy in February 2019. It took Bellamy months to recover and she sadly has a tendon or ligament injury that will always affect her. And still, after all that, she ran an amazing season with eight elite times over all distances. How good would’ve she been without any injuries? I bet even better.

Her story can tell a bit about what a fighter she is and how tough she is. Bellamy is an intense dog (for a whippet) and she is not soft. Don’t get it wrong, she is a very kind girl, loves to cuddle and wants you to pet her at all times if possible, but she can also stare off another dog from the lure and she doesn’t back down if someone messes with her. She has got an intelligence and will-to-please that makes her fun and easy to train and she would never say no to any activity. At the same time she also occupies the couch in typical whippet style poses such as her legs in the air or curled up as a cinnamon bun.

Bellamy loves people and will gladly throw herself in the lap of any new person she meets, and don’t forget the intense kisses. If she really loves and knows someone, such as her breeders Martina and Mike, she will jump up in their arms when they are standing and in complete trust expect them to catch her. She also jumps easily over gates and fences if she wants to and when she’s going to the starting boxes at the track she jumps up and down like a kangaroo even if I have tried to stop that behaviour so she doesn’t hurt herself. Bellamy has got integrity and values her personal space when she is focused before a race.

She is nice to walk with and also a great running and biking companion. She doesn’t tire easily and is good at long distances. She has got a long stride and when she is out running with me she doesn’t even fall into a trot most of the time. On open places like the beach Bellamy can run off leash and run after birds in the shallow ocean but in the forest she soon finds an animal track and follows it off the trail so I have to keep her on the leash there because I can’t see her. She is normally a very obedient dog but when there is wildlife, or even better – cats – she goes crazy and would love to run after them.

Bellamy is lightly built with long legs, a strong, long back and long tail. Her angulations are great and her feet are good and not prone to injury. Her head is beautiful and feminine and her ears are pretty and correct. She could have a bit more width and depth in her chest so when choosing a male for her it will be one that complements her. Bellamy is fast, quick and agile and have achieved great results in lure coursing as well. I truly am lucky to have gotten such a great dog, not just to be the base for my breeding, but to share my life with every single day, whatever I do and however I feel.

Jinny, May 2020


Behaviour and personality description, BPH

Bellamy did BPH with gunshot at the age of 12 months and 4 days and in the chart you can see her test summary compared to the breed average. I have tried to translate it to English but it is best understood by reading the full protocol (in Swedish) here.

The purpose of BPH is to contribute to increased knowledge about dogs’ mentality. It is aimed at breeders and at individual dog owners who wants to learn more about their dog’s mental characteristics.

It takes place on a standardized course where the dog gets to experience different situations. The dog’s reactions are described and together they give an idea of the dog’s mentality and personality. The handler, usually the dog owner, walks the course with the dog and get information along the course from the test leader.

– Translated from the website of SKK.

Oval track


28 races

x 6

x 3

x 8

Raceheart's MB Butterfree
Photo: Max Werdelin
Alingsås (SDA-GHK)
301 m 19,65 s 2018-08-26
506 m 34,11 s 2019-08-25
710 m 49,70 s 2018-09-18
Simrishamn (CIMBRIA HK)
310 m 20,28 s 2019-06-22
771 m 53,45 s 2019-09-07
Borås (7HS)
320 m 20,63 s 2019-06-29
492 m 32,66 s 2019-10-13
550 m 36,95 s 2017-10-07
780 m 53,56 s 2020-06-07
Åkersberga (SHS)
320 m 21,37 s 2018-07-27
Roskilde (KVF)
272 m 18,34 s 2019-07-20
460 m 31,34 s 2019-08-17
Örebro (ÖHK-NOHS)
299 m 20,03 s 2019-06-15
517 m 36,65 s 2018-05-27
738 m 52,61 s 2019-10-27
  • = Video
  • = Elite class
  • = Diploma
  • = Disqualified
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2020-06-28 Borås 492 m 4 32,90 s 3 m12
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2019-11-09 Borås 780 m 2 54,27 s 4 l12
2019-11-02 Simrishamn 771 m 5 54,55 s 6 l13
2019-10-27 Örebro 738 m 3 52,61 s 5 l16
2019-10-20 Borås 492 m 2 32,76 s 2 m12
2019-10-13 Borås 492 m 4 32,66 s 3 m15
2019-10-06 Alingsås 710 m 4 50,41 s 4 l12
2019-09-29 Alingsås 506 m 4 36,24 s 5 m14
2019-09-22 Borås 320 m 1 20,76 s 1 k10
2019-09-15 Borås 320 m 1 20,99 s 4 k11
2019-08-25 Alingsås 506 m 2 34,11 s 2 m14
2019-08-17 Roskilde 460 m 1 31,34 s 3 m14
2019-08-11 Borås 320 m 2 20,96 s 3 k11
2019-07-20 Roskilde 272 m 2 18,34 s 1 k10
2019-07-13 Simrishamn 310 m 2 20,56 s 3 k13
2019-07-07 Borås 492 m 5 33,31 s 3 m15
2019-06-29 Borås 320 m 5 20,63 s 1 k10
2019-06-22 Simrishamn 310 m 2 20,28 s 3 k10
2019-06-15 Örebro 299 m 2 20,03 s 2 k11
2019-06-01 Alingsås 301 m 4 20,11 s 4 k12
Date Track Distance Box Time Place Class
2018-09-08 Simrishamn 310 m 2 20,79 s 1 k12
2018-09-02 Örebro 299 m 3 20,61 s 6 k12
2018-08-26 Alingsås 301 m 2 19,65 s 1 k10
2018-07-24 Åkersberga 320 m 4 20,69 s 3 k16
2018-07-01 Borås 492 m 4 35,44 s 4 m21
2018-06-10 Alingsås 506 m 1 36,80 s 4 m19
2018-05-27 Örebro 517 m 3 36,65 s 6 m17
2018-05-12 Simrishamn 310 m 2 20,66 s 1 k12

Whippet race

ABout whippet race

As the name suggests, whippet race is for whippets only (other breeds are welcome at practice) and is a straight race run on grass, ending in a sand pit. The length is 137,5 m, or 150 yards. The dogs run four at a time in red, blue, white or black shirt and are required to wear a leather muzzle.

On competition day dogs will run two heats determining in which final or semi-final they will participate. The four fastest goes to the A-final, the next four to B-final and so on. Most of the time they are divided into males and females but mixed competitions occur as well. For more information about whippet race in Sweden, visit the official website.


  • 1st - Haverdal Championship 2018
  • 1st - Halmstad Club Championship 2019

Best times

Halmstad: 9,11 s 2018-10-06
Kalmar: 9,59 s 2019-06-08
Karlstad: 9,52 s 2017-09-09
Norrköping: 9,13 s 2018-08-04
Södertälje: 9,41 s 2017-08-19
Date Track Type Final time Place
2019-08-31 Halmstad Divided 9,16 s B-final: 2
2019-06-08 Kalmar Divided 9,59 s B-final: 1
2018-08-05 Norrköping Swedish Championship 9,44 s B-final: 4
2018-05-19 Halmstad Divided 9,19 s B-final: 1
2017-09-09 Karlstad Divided 9,52 s A-final: 3
2017-09-02 Norrköping Divided, semi-finals Out in semi-finals Out in semi-finals
2017-08-19 Södertälje Divided No time B-final: 1
2017-07-15 Halmstad Divided 9,50 s B-final: 1

Lure coursing

Photo: Emilia Åhman


  • CERT, Norway
  • 9th - European Coursing Championship 2018
  • Qualified - European Coursing Championship 2019
  • 6th - Whippet Sprinter Female 2018
  • 1st - LCK-S Club Championship 2017
  • = Certificate
Date Location Type Round 1 Round 2 Total Place
2019-04-13 Hovdala National 146 p 145 p 291 p 12/17
2018-10-07 Katrineholm National 138 p 172 p 310 p 7/22
2018-09-30 Torne National 179 p 154 p 333 p 19/25
2018-09-23 Trøgstad National 88 p 81,5 p 84,75 p 1/21
2018-06-22 Nørresundby European Coursing Championship 428 p 445 p 873 p 9/29
2018-04-14 Hovdala National 149 p 142 p 291 p 6/16
2018-04-07 Hovdala National 167 p 160 p 327 p 4/13

Other results

Date Location Type Points Faults Time Place Award
2017-07-29 Tvååker TSM, NW1 50 p 5 07:31,59 44/50 SSE x 1
2017-07-09 Örkelljunga ORT, bay leaf Approved ORT
2017-06-14 Halmstad ORT, eucalyptus Approved ORT
Date Location Type Class Judge Quality Place
2018-07-29 Strömsholm National Open Bitte Ahrens Primavera Good
2-årig tik av god typ. Skulle önska mer kropp och bättre hals. Bra huvud, korrekt bett. OK öron, något kort hals. Utmärkt skuldra men lite rak överarm. Alltför grund i sin bröstkorg, saknar utfyllnad i förbröstet. Bra överlinje, välvinklat bakställ, rör sig vägvinnande från sidan men alltför ostadigt fram- och bakifrån. Önskar bättre päls och kondition.
2017-05-20 Hässleholm National Junior Helen Wayman Very good
A little tall for her age. Good head and neck. Would like more width in front with better shoulder. Good neck and topline with correct rear angulation. Moved a little close to and from, OK in profile.